Saturday, 18 August 2018

Wedding Hits Festival 2018

Wedding Hits Festival 2018 has taken its place in Mrągowo - one of the most charming towns in Masuria. A lot of Polish family-music Stars performed yesterday and today in the Mrągowo amphitheater. One of them is Mr. Sławomir, very popular singer in entire Poland. His performances look like some kind of stand-up. Most of the Polish people really love him. More about that unique event online: here.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Summer on Masurian lakes

Water of pure Masurian lakes is attracting a lot of tourists these days. Summer peak is on. People enjoy it many ways. Have a look at picture above, there’s almost everything Masurian lakes offer in sunny summer to people loving holiday’s good joy.

Author: Maria Olszowska, Masuria 2018

Monday, 13 August 2018

Wybory lokalne to wybory globalne

Dzisiaj ukazał się artykuł pt. „Wybory lokalne to wybory globalne”, autorstwa naszego Romana. Publikacja jest na wiodącym portalu bardzo urokliwego mazurskiego miasta Mrągowo. Roman w swoim stylu zachęca tam do udziału w zbliżających się wyborach samorządowych. Zapraszamy do lektury tutaj: 👏🏻

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Masurian forest fruits

Spotted today by our Grazyna in London: “Maślanka Mrągowska” (Polish: Mrągowo Buttermilk). You know Mrągowo is one of the most charming towns in Masuria. This buttermilk is very special, because of our favourite forest fruits. You can find plenty of blueberries, blackberries and red berries in Masurian forest. Our kids love them in summer. So do all of us 😋

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

You'll never walk alone...

Last weekend our Roman went to Liverpool, because of something important. On Sunday he visited "The Kop" stadium to bring a few gadgets for Warmian-Masurian kids to motivate them to learn and develop, as usually he does when he visits football venues. Probably the best gift for them will be an official scarf of the 2018 Champions League FINAL: Real vs. Liverpool. Roman said he has never been to any football club stadium with such a community feeling. Liverpool fans can really feel unique over there. You know they never walk alone and their stadium is their home, in fact. Great time in famous Anfield Road for Roman. One day all we go to Liverpool to watch their match as family, Roman says. We know very well that sharing good things with good people we love is much better than experiencing alone... Isn't it nice, is it?

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Country parade in Mrągowo

We’ve got a bunch of pictures from our Masurian friend - Mrs. Olszowska, from Mrągowo. What you see is mostly this year parade happening while “Piknik Country”. People say it’s been lasting shorter and shorter year by year. Anyway, it was still worth to be watched while staying in Mrągowo during last weekend. By the way, Mrągowo is very charming town in Masuria. Our Roman says it should be future ’strategic leader’ of the entire region of Masuria. As a matter of fact he goes to Mrągowo soon.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Wybory Samorządowe 2018 - Wiadomość nr 2

Dzisiaj wpis u nas po polsku, bo spraw wyłącznie w Polsce dotyczy. Nasz Roman dał się namówić na nagranie i upublicznienie kilku słów na temat tego, czym nas inspiruje w kontekście zaangażowania w sprawy ogólnie ważne dla wszystkich. Wiecie Państwo, że on zna się na takich rzeczach, jak rozwój ekonomiczny i społeczny nadzwyczaj dobrze. Warto posłuchać tego, co mówi o naszych wyborach samorządowych w tym roku. Tym bardziej to ważne, bo Polska wyludnia się od strony małych miast i miasteczek. Wiele ich w Warmińsko-Mazurskim. Trzeba już aktywnie działać, żeby młodzież w nich też mogła widzieć przyszłość.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Local Election 2018 - Message No. 1

If you are 18+ and you live in Warmian-Masurian - which is one of the poorest regions of Poland and European Union yet, then you ought to watch it with passion. Local election coming in our country this autumn. In less than 4 months we'll have new mayors and new councillors in all our cities and towns. Choose well this time, please - Roman asks for. You know we're members of the Young Polish Emigrants' Association. We know that democracy works very well when people go to vote. It works even better when young people go to vote with real hope. Roman is our chairman, here goes the first message. This one is for all the Warmian-Masurian youth, who speak English. The point is to believe!

Monday, 30 July 2018

Non omnis moriar... 🇵🇱

Our most active Stomil Olsztyn fans visited very important place in Polish London. They went to pay tribute to famous Poles who died in the UK, far from our country. Their ashes are located in St. Bobola Church, close to the Polish University Abroad. You can remember our Roman is Strategic Development Director for that Polish charity organisation. He took Maks to such an unique Polish cemetery after all the week of hard trainings with Tottenham. Maks completed another stage of their “Player Development Programme”. What Roman did made us even more proud of Maks. Roman always says we have to take care about future with respect to the past. What we do now is not for ourselves only. It’s for all to succeed. This way our life becomes somehow more important, when good fruits of our living stay in the world after our death. Roman studied also Philosophy, he is very wise man. You can see the sentence: “Non omnis moriar”? It’s Horace who said it first. It means: “I shall not all die”. Our Roman says it not only to Maks when he comes to London. Playing for Tottenham can be bigger success than playing for Stomil today. But not for Roman. Roman says both clubs are public interest entities and playing for them can make good people part of good history. It’s obvious. The point is to believe we can do more good when we act for more good. So, we do believe.

Friday, 27 July 2018


37th “Piknik Country” starts today in Mrągowo and will last until Sunday. It’s the biggest country music event in our part of the European Union. As a matter of fact, the area this event takes place on in Mrągowo is called the European Union Square. What’s on this time? We’ve got Albert Lee from the UK, a lot of Polish artists and obviously Americans. You probably can remember that “Piknik Country” venue is picturesque amphitheater located by the Lake Czos in Mrągowo. What you don’t know is history of this event but you can brief yourself: here... Tickets available: here...