Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Olsztyn stadium fate

We start to think something really strange happens to Olsztyn in relation to that unique city growth. As you know, we’re Stomil Olsztyn fans because of our Roman, who supported that club while living in Poland in 1990s. He describes that era as a big football cheer in the Warmian-Masurian. He says that people from all parts of north-eastern Poland were coming to Olsztyn to watch Stomil playing against such big brands of the Polish Premier League like Widzew, Legia, Amica, ŁKS, Polonia and so on. 20 years gone and what happened? There’s no such think like coherent strategy for Olsztyn, that would include professional football - such an obvious socioeconomic solution for today’s cities in the West. Could you imagine e.g. UK’s Southampton without their football team and all the infrastructure making Southampton growing slightly faster to attract over 20k Polish youth to live and work over there? 1 in 10 inhabitants of today’s Southampton was born in Poland. Football is not everything but it is a crucial part of present growth strategies for cities challenging the future. Fans of football in Olsztyn seem to understand that quite well. But local authorities live their political life without catching what’s going on. So, one more try to persuade them a new stadium would be an advantage for Olsztyn: Go to vote online for the best kid’s stadium vision. Our favourite is no. 8 - vivid colours and just very Olsztyn artwork. We think, of course, it’s not the way to build a new stadium in Olsztyn. However, it’s a nice competition for children. What’s intresting, Olsztyn’s football fans made a very impressive association. They do a lot of non-profit work around the stadium. Why they don’t make a logical move towards the city hall council to be an active part of Olsztyn authorities, we don’t know. There are local elections this Autumn in Poland. People are asking for stadium instead of just building it, at last?