Friday, 30 March 2018

Warmian-Masurian family future

There’s quite high number of divorces in Poland, mostly in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship these days. Statistics show almost 5 in 10 marriages end with divorce: more... Our Grazyna says it can be an effect of the economic circumstances we experience in our country. She’s a very good professional at family counselling. You know, Poland in general is succeeding but Polish people in particular are not too much. This way they look for a change to board such a speed train called “Success”. It is unfortunately simple psychology of interpersonal relations to blame each other for lack of anything: money, love, future in family. And the simplest way of changing such a ‘bad luck’ seems to be a divorce for so many people. Obviously, it doesn’t work like that. To succeed you must build your family every day, with an awareness of life rules. Nothing really important happens at once in life. Hard times are not for dividing people. They are for making us better team members. Only as a team we can really succeed. Isn’t it obvious? Yes, it is. We’re lucky we are able to build our family day after day, challenge after challenge. It’s Masurian way of life of creating good relations for the future.