Monday, 30 July 2018

Non omnis moriar... 🇵🇱

Our most active Stomil Olsztyn fans visited very important place in Polish London. They went to pay tribute to famous Poles who died in the UK, far from our country. Their ashes are located in St. Bobola Church, close to the Polish University Abroad. You can remember our Roman is Strategic Development Director for that Polish charity organisation. He took Maks to such an unique Polish cemetery after all the week of hard trainings with Tottenham. Maks completed another stage of their “Player Development Programme”. What Roman did made us even more proud of Maks. Roman always says we have to take care about future with respect to the past. What we do now is not for ourselves only. It’s for all to succeed. This way our life becomes somehow more important, when good fruits of our living stay in the world after our death. Roman studied also Philosophy, he is very wise man. You can see the sentence: “Non omnis moriar”? It’s Horace who said it first. It means: “I shall not all die”. Our Roman says it not only to Maks when he comes to London. Playing for Tottenham can be bigger success than playing for Stomil today. But not for Roman. Roman says both clubs are public interest entities and playing for them can make good people part of good history. It’s obvious. The point is to believe we can do more good when we act for more good. So, we do believe.

Friday, 27 July 2018


37th “Piknik Country” starts today in Mrągowo and will last until Sunday. It’s the biggest country music event in our part of the European Union. As a matter of fact, the area this event takes place on in Mrągowo is called the European Union Square. What’s on this time? We’ve got Albert Lee from the UK, a lot of Polish artists and obviously Americans. You probably can remember that “Piknik Country” venue is picturesque amphitheater located by the Lake Czos in Mrągowo. What you don’t know is history of this event but you can brief yourself: here... Tickets available: here...

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Player of the day

You know what’s the most destructive thinking in your life? It’s bad thinking. Bad thinking like: I’ll not manage, everything will go wrong or me not good enough. It prevents you from spreading your wings. We’ve got 21st century, we live in one Europe, we have skills and education but nobody but us go with such a thinking day after day. Maks came with it to me even now, one year after he started his adventure with Tottenham. Last year he performed quite good, so he surprised me this year. What we were talking about all the morning, on our way to the Premier League premises, yesterday? It was resetting his mind: from poor thinking to strategic thinking. He was full of fears about his shape, his condition and so on. Mostly bad things in his mind when we got on the Tube train. When we got off everything looked different, I did really hope. Took all the hour to do it with him. He is young and openminded, therefore he succeeded on the same day. You see what he’s wearing on our selfie? Taken after the first day of his present training with Premier League club! It’s an award he got: “Player of the day”. This means nobody performed all the day better than him - Polish boy from Poland. Ladies wrote yesterday about good changes happening to good people. They don’t happen at all - when good people don’t think much good changes are possible.

Best regards from London, Roman

Monday, 23 July 2018

Good changes for good people

Nobody in the family thought in the past it could be possible what does happen to us now. We can say good changes happen to good people when good people co-operate for good changes. Here we go again then, with our Maks and his Tottenham challenge. All the family excited about this. And about our Roman, who made everything he was able to do to let Maks develop his football talent with that Tottenham - yes, it’s English Premier League foorball club! 👏🏻💪🏻👌🏻 What a luck in life when you are a part of progressive team of people who take care about more than thier own good. Thanks to the God for that. No other explanation in our minds than just God helping us to change for good our small part of the big world.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Masurian Mars

We are happy to announce we take part in the UK Space Agency competition. The point is to name the newest Mars explorer with a catchy brand. Our Roman speaks English best in our family, so it’s his idea we have introduced. You know us, we love Masuria. Masuria plays somehow a leading role in our entry then. Details - let’s hope - soon 🤞🏻🙂

Friday, 20 July 2018

Masurian captain

Here is our Maks, the Masurian captain 🙂❤️ What he learnt while sailing in Masuria, now is being in use in Europe. Have a look what a sailor in our family 👏🏻🚤 Moreover, he goes to London soon for Tottenham summer camp. Active holidays is a must. We always were doing like that, our kids do like that too.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Masurian Croatia

When we realised this year World Cup is not for us, because our team looked rather like on a holiday than on the challenge, our family invaded Croatia! Croatians looked good enough on the pitch in Russia to support them while resting in their country. Unforgettable experience to watch what was happening over there thanks to the Croatian team fighting like true eagles. All the Croatia was like exploding volcano of positive energy when they won over Argentina and England. We wish one day something like that happened in Poland!!! 🇵🇱🤞🏻❤️ You know our Roman is a great passionate about the World Cup 2030? Have a look: here... He says such a big deal can take place in our country, if we co-operate better to each other. It’s probably the worst what happens to Poland, in his opinion, that Polish people hardly ever play as a team these days.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Masurian wild cherry

Summer walk across Masurian off-roads brings good memories from our childhood. Wild cherry tree always ment a lot of pleasure for us. All we like cherries but our Grazyna loves them at most. She can eat everything what includes any kind of cherry. Obviously it was she, who as the first in our family tasted cherry pudding! 🙂

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Galindia - back to the past

Galindia, called: 'Masurian Heaven', is an unique resort located by the lake Bełdany. You can really experience some kind of time travel over there. It looks like a compound of ancient tribe of Galindians, who used to live in Mrągowo area as well as close to lakes Śniardwy and Mamry. Staff working at Galindia wear very old style clothes. There are sculptures relating to habits and beliefs of Galindians. A few times a year you can watch performances bringing former rituals to the present day. Go discover everything by yourself, a lot of nice surprises in front of you:

Author: Maria Olszowska, Masuria 2018

Monday, 9 July 2018

Save the bees in Masuria

The number of bees in the world is systematically decreasing. Unfortunately, it's cos of us at most. We make too much pollution like exhausts, detergents or pesticides to let bees do their job in nature. What would happen to the muesli without honey is even not the point. The point is concerning the natural process of pollination. You know bees do it in a best way. Nature wouldn't manage without them. Therefore we ask for saving each one bee you can meet in Masuria while your holiday stay. Let it be, don't kill at all. All we need bees. Thank you in advance and best regards to you from our family team as well as our friend from Mrągowo, Maria Olszowska, who took the pic your eyes can enjoy above.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Jamaica in Masuria

Who would expect a good reggae festival in Poland? Who would expect a good reggae festival in Masuria, eh? Obviously us! We know very well about reggae festival taking place in Ostróda each year. That charming Masurian town is in committed to this kind of music in a professional way. They are even in a great commitment with Jamaican Ocho Rios as twin towns. Who doesnt kmow Ocho Rios, here you go: YouTube. More about this year edition of the Ostróda Reggae Festival: tap here...

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Mikołajki Open Days 2018

Open Days of Mikołajki start on Friday and will finish on Sunday. It's another annual bunch of events promoting that charming Masurian town, including: concert of one of Polish pop-stars, fish fair, boats' show, gospel choir performance and so on: details... Go to Mikołajki then, to enjoy true summer in our beutiful Masuria!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Warmian-Masurian travel guide

Very nice and interesting Warmian-Masurian travel guide to download for free from “My Masuria” website: here... Unfortunately, it’s in Polish only. However, it’s worth to be browsed through. A lot of nice pictures, including Masurian Giżycko and Warmian Lidzbark. What’s also very interesting, the publisher invite to a co-operation. They wait for nice pictures and articles on stays in Masuria. Send yours to: redakcja[at]