Friday, 26 July 2019

Ełk - the prime city with Masurian future

Interesting article about Ełk - the biggest city in Masuria, on one of the most influential Polish media portals: (please use any online translator to read it). We can catch locals' point of view regarding Ełk at most. But it's like opinions of Ełk's ambassadors, because those people don't live in their family city anymore. It's quite sad reality, on the other hand. Youth are really running away from entire Masuria, not Ełk only. It's been lasting for 15 years non-stop. Our Roman, who is professional in SmartCity, says only new technologies can change unexpected future of such cities as Ełk - the city of four so beautiful lakes.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Poland 2019

Nice footage from France. Roman went to Paris for some University duties. While returning home he visited the Sacre-Coeur cathedral. As you see, they still remember very well about our St. JP2 !!! [*]

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Roman’s success in London

We are extremely proud to announce our Roman is the first Polish person ever shortlisted for the Tech Leaders Awards in London. It’s the biggest annual conference about new technologies taking place in British capital city each year. This time also with Poland’s and Masuria’s participation. Roman always say everywhere that he is Polish. Masurian blood in veins, the best team-builder in the family. Fingers crossed for Roman, even though he told us he can’t win over people representing much bigger companies than Polish University Abroad 🤞🏻

Monday, 15 July 2019

The Guardian on our Masuria

Our new Friends from the UK found this nice piece of promotion for Masuria online. One of the most influential British newspapers - The Guardian, is writing about true paradise for paddlers in Poland. Masuria - in their opinion - is undiscovered yet, they even say they have had never heard about so many lakes in Poland before. It makes us sure we should boost our mission of promoting Masuria in Europe & in the world with more passion. It’s urgent. We have to do more cos we have many more prospective advantages than any other region in Poland or in our part of the European Union!! 💙 💚

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

European Summit of Universities of the Third Age in Olsztyn

Polish Universities of the Third Age had their 13th European summit in Olsztyn this summer. Our Grazyna, who is responsible i.a. for the UTA project at the Polish University Abroad in London, attended that event taking place in Kortowo - the academic district of Olsztyn. 5 intensive days went away so quick. Many regards from us to all people Grazyna met in Olsztyn.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Masurian brook of love

When you truly love, you just have to go to Masuria. Masurian brook of love is located in Mragowo - not far from Olsztyn-Mazury airport, at all. Our Roman introduces it to you on the footage above. He recorded it while visiting our friends from western Masuria. Enjoy the water playing on: Instagram...